I BEG to differ with Robert West’s comments on the leaders of the main political parties (HAS, Oct 25).

In a general election, you don’t vote for parties depending on the leader’s personality. Instead you vote for a party whose policies you like.

If you like fairness, investment in the NHS as well as for it to be kept in public hands, and better workers rights, then the party to vote for is Labour.

If you like the rich to gain at the expense of the poor suffering from cuts, then the party you should vote for is the Tories.

I am sick and tired of those who say: “I like Labour’s policies but won’t vote for them because of Jeremy Corbyn.”

All voters who did just that in 2017 are to blame for the mess the country is in now with the threat of a Brexit which allows our NHS to be fully privatised.

You had your chance in 2017 and but decided to let the Tories in, don’t do the same at the next election.

Lee Morris, Lanchester