NEARLY three and a half years ago we voted to leave the EU.

It was a democratic vote and we have no right now to renege on it.

The antics of Parliament since then have been undemocratic, unethical and downright contemptible.

I suspect most MPs are motivated more by concern for their European shares and investments than by any regard for the good of this country.

Whatever happens the future looks fraught with difficulties and dangers. Chief among those dangers is probably the Irish backstop, concerning which the prognostications are almost entirely gloomy, and it is difficult to see how they could be otherwise.

We should never have let ourselves be pressured into joining the Common Market in the first place.

It was an act of national betrayal engineered by that imposter Edward Heath, and the chickens are now coming home to roost, as given time, they invariably do in such cases.

Alas, we are paying the price for something that, had we been properly informed and guided, we would never have contemplated.

Tony Kelly, Crook