ERIC GENDLE’S observations regarding voters not knowing the full implications of Brexit, including the impact on Nissan, are accurate (HAS, Oct 26).

However getting Leavers to admit that fact or change their mind is impossible. I have even heard some say that the loss of Nissan, the break up of the UK and general impoverishment is a price worth paying.

Apparently Brexit has cost the country £70bn so far including £100m in “Get ready for Brexit” adverts and seminars.

The full implications are still emerging.

This is an actual quote from a local business which promotes its products at European trade fairs: “I’ve been able to put my samples in a van with no need to declare anything. Now I am told I will have to declare everything, pay the import duty tariff and VAT in each country I visit and even worse when I come back I will have to declare the same samples and pay the UK tariff and VAT. There was a terrible silence at the end of the meeting. Not one business was happy. It will be small and medium size businesses that will be finished by this.”

It is depressing to think that once the withdrawal treaty is agreed, we face years of negotiating the actual trade deals and this is just the beginning of the Brexit arguments.

Stephen Warren, Durham