I AM writing today inform your readers that I have written to Cllr Mark Robson, the leader of Hambleton District Council (HDC), to issue a statement about the future of services based at the Friarage Hospital, Northallerton.

The most recent quote attributed to him is that the changes in March 2019 were a “fait accompli” and whilst I may agree, this is not the way I want the services to be provided for our constituents.

As leaders and representatives of the local community, HDC must have a view about health care provision and associated services for our electorate.

Hambleton District Council has representation on the North Yorkshire County Council Scrutiny of Health Committee, where our concerns must be heard and progressed.

Our renewed Local Plan describes growing local economy, more houses, increased financial opportunities and a more cohesive structure to the communities in North Yorkshire. Such a plan must have the same approach to all public services.

It is my firmly-held belief that the people of Hambleton and Richmond could have been served better for the provision of local healthcare services in the past and that we must press for improved local services in the future.

As such I fully support the efforts of local council groups, local community groups and the Save the Friarage group to maintain existing services and develop future services more fitting for the county town of North Yorkshire.

As such I call upon all appropriate bodies to issue a statement defending what services should be in a developing community and demanding increase local provision for which services the electorate need and want.

Cllr Gerald Ramsden, Hambleton District Council.