MY satisfaction in Boris Johnson’s difficulty in implementing the Brexit that he wants is tempered with the frustration that there shall be more false accusations against Labour MPs that they are out to block Brexit.

I ask why do I hear these accusations?

I possibly saw the answer to that on Sophy Ridge on Sunday.

Amber Rudd said on the programme that she has voted for Brexit in Parliament. This is not correct.

I say this because nobody has voted for or against Brexit in Parliament.

There has only been one poll for Brexit; that was the public referendum on June 23, 2016.

In Parliament the only voting has been about the useless deals which the Conservatives have brought to the table, plus finer matters on how to proceed; not for Brexit itself.

If Amber Rudd says that she has voted for Brexit in Parliament, then she may as well say that she has voted for Brexit in Strictly Come Dancing.

I urge folks not to be hoodwinked by this Conservative talk on voting for or against Brexit in Parliament.

My preference is to remain in the EU. However, leave won the referendum. This means that we have to leave the EU. However, Theresa May and now Boris Johnson have only brought to Parliament deals which would damage the UK.

To those people who say that jobs can be recreated, there is a lot more than jobs at stake here.

Food standards, workers’ rights, public services, the NHS; all need to be protected.

No-deal would be altogether a lot worse.

There is one solution that I want, that hasn’t been tried yet; and that is leaving the EU with a deal negotiated by a Labour government.

Unlike the Conservatives, Labour are committed to public services and social justice.

This is the way to fulfil the result of the referendum and minimise the detriment to the UK at the same time.

Jeremy Whiting, Great Lumley.