I WRITE as a remainer in the ongoing fiasco regarding Brexit.

The leavers always claim: "We knew what we were voting for." As a public service could The Northern Echo please republish some of the statements made at the time of the referendum as to what the situation would be after we left?

Claims were made that our NHS would be fully protected, yet Boris is anxious to negotiate trade agreements with the US, even though Trump's administration is adamant the NHS will be up for grabs.

It was always suggested that Liam Fox (remember him?) would have a multitude of agreements in place to replace the 70-plus we will lose when we leave the EU.

Now that the deal is so far from what was promised (and what the leavers voted for) a second referendum is surely essential, or do the leavers worry that they would not win now?

Eric Gendle, Middlesbrough.