AFTER reading about the number of councillors with council tax arrears in the North-East, including Darlington, I feel obliged to complain about my treatment by the powers that be.

I am a council house tenant with rent and council tax arrears.

Councillors are blaming the introduction of Universal Credit for their difficulties, but there is another reason why I’m in debt to the council and that is the Government changing what was Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independent Payment.

I used to get £330-a-month in DLA but after filling in the form and having a face to face interview I have been refused any PIP payment whatsoever.

I am now in the process of appeal which means sitting in front of a panel of three people who will then decide my fate.

I receive a pension plus pension credit which total just over £190, of which £93 has to be paid in rent.

My council tax is in arrears and I’m waiting to see what is going to happen when it goes before the courts. It’s an absolute joke, and if I wasn’t so depressed about it all I would probably laugh my socks off.

Name and address supplied, Darlington