I FIND it most disturbing that the president of a country such as America has taken the stance and publicly stated that the woman, Anne Sacoolas, who is claiming diplomatic immunity after the death of Harry Dunn in the road accident in Northamptonshire will not be returning to the UK to answer for her actions.

It is up to the courts to decide if she has absconded from the scene of a crime or if indeed it was an accident.

Surely this act of cowardice is unacceptable, especially now as we find out she may not qualify for diplomatic immunity?

If you or I were on holiday in the US and had an accident, we would certainly feel the wrath of the law and if you tried to run away you may even be shot dead.

My initial admiration of Donald Trump’s patriotism is now changing and he now he looks no more than a big bully.

John Cumberland, Rushyford