A REPORT (Echo, Oct 8) advised that the dairy industry in Northern Ireland could be wiped out by a no-deal Brexit.

However, there is no way the UK should be held to ransom by a lack of co-operation by the EU.

Some prominent people are concerned that a no-deal Brexit could affect the Good Friday agreement leading to violence while others say it should have no affect at all in that concern.

To be fair to the people of Northern Ireland there should be no way their industry, and not only milk, should suffer any loss by such a Brexit.

Any loss should be covered by the UK government – after all the UK will not be giving anywhere near the £39bn, on offer if they leave with a good deal, and will also save about £9bn by not paying their annual contribution.

Any losses suffered by the Republic of Ireland would have to be compensated by the EU.

It should be remembered that the UK has a trade deficit of approximately £64bn with the EU – I’m sure their industries will not want to lose that.

Remainers just keep quiet for a while and leavers do not lose your nerve.

Mike Taylor, Darlington