AS we move towards a Brexit agreement with the EU being put before Parliament for some of our local MPs it will be judgement time.

Do they follow their leader Jeremy Corbyn, or do they carry out the wishes of their constituents and support the Brexit agreement?

It’s three years since the people of Redcar and Cleveland, Darlington, Bishop Auckland and Barnard Castle voted overwhelming to leave the EU.

Yet over these past three years Anna Turley, Helen Goodman and Jenny Chapman have not supported Brexit one jot, even trying to tell us all that lots of their constituents have changed their minds and now want to stay in EU, yet nobody can find these people.

Surely, it’s time for the constituents of these three MPs to pay them a visit over the next few days and demand (politely) that they support the Brexit agreement – no doubt all three will come up with some Jeremy Corbyn-inspired anti-Brexit spiel which is just about all we have heard from all three over the past three years.

First and foremost, all three were democratically voted into Parliament to represent their constituents whether they were Labour, Liberal Democrats or Conservatives.

Democracy is what our country is built on, redeem yourselves, honour your pledge to your constituents and carry out their wishes: support Brexit.

Derrick Small, Stockton