SURELY I cannot be the only resident to see and feel the deterioration of Stokesley High Street and other roads in the Stokesley area.

The “trench” running the length of the High Street is getting wider as is the “trench” from the Nat West bank to the Methodist church is getting deeper and wider.

The so-called repairs recently carried out must have cost at least £10 with a bucket of tar poured into the holes.

As for North Road it should be dug up and resurfaced as the whole of it is a driver’s nightmare, and the three speed bumps are disintegrating rapidly.

In my opinion it should then be made a one-way road with access from Allen Grove. The buses use it one way, so no problem there.

Station Road is another boneshaker and needs resurfacing and, while I am in full flow, Springfield is also in great need of repair, proper repair, not just a few holes filled in with tar and smoothed over.

With the building of over 300 houses within the Stokesley area, traffic problems and the state of the roads are going to get worse.

Local and national councils have a duty to their rate payers to maintain roads, so with council taxes increasing every year and road fund licences used for road maintenance I look forward to seeing, at least our Stokesley roads at last being repaired.

The High Street in Northallerton was given a superb resurfacing recently so as to host a cycling event. Congratulations!

How about spending some money on the roads in Stokesley for a change?

I saw in a national paper last week that councils were repairing potholes at the rate of one every 21 seconds! Not in this area, are they?

Derek Whiting, Stokesley