MANY are saying that the inevitable General Election will be a choice between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister.

However, in my opinion both our main political parties are now controlled by extremists, and neither they, nor their leaders, are fit for government.

Thus I must reject this simplistic choice.

For those who wish the UK to remain in the EU, the Liberal Democrats offer a viable alternative, although unfortunately they have no realistic chance of winning a general election. However, they might well hold the balance of power, and as the coalition government of 2010 to 2015 showed, they are capable of restraining the worst excesses of the main government party. The coalition government was certainly not a weak one.

Of course, no one can be sure of what the result of the General Election will be. However, unless the Tories win an absolute majority, whatever form the new government takes, hopefully we will eventually be able to have a second EU referendum, which in my opinion is still the best way to resolve Brexit.

Alan Jordan, Middridge