I’D like to reply to Alan Jordan (HAS, September 27). We’ve had a democratic way of solving Brexit, it was the referendum held in 2016, and leave won.

It was in all the papers, I’m surprised you didn’t read about it. The reason it hasn’t been resolved is that over 400 out of 650 constituencies voted to leave, but a large number of MPs decided they knew better and consistently voted remain.

After the 2017 election over 80 per cent of both main parties promised to get Brexit through, but since then Labour has voted 34 times against Brexit. Where does that leave Labour supporters who voted to leave?

If a second referendum was granted and leave won again, would remainers accept the result? We already know that Jo Swinson won’t.

It should never have come to this if elected MPs had done what they had been elected for – represent the majority in their constituency. In the end one person overrules thousands, that’s democracy in Britain 2019.

Gary Mundell, West Auckland