I THOUGHT that I should explain what Brexit has become.

Putting to one side what the result of the referendum actually was; the 2016 referendum was the most badly run ballot that I have ever heard of in a European country.

The ballot paper failed to state more detail about the option of leaving the EU, and subsequently many people didn’t know they were voting for; even if some people have made it known that they did know.

The leave campaign told fibs on the side of buses; while on the remain side the Government, who were supposed to be impartial, distributed vote remain leaflets nationwide.

For many people, whether to leave or remain in the EU is the major issue; and it should not be. Somebody asked me last week whether I want to leave or remain in the EU. I replied that I will not support either side; other things in life are more important.

Leave won this sorry and ill-conceived referendum; however due to how shoddy the referendum was, remain voters are justified at being aggrieved at the outcome.

Equally so however; had remain won, then leave voters would have been justified at being aggrieved at the outcome.

What the outcome of the referendum has really been, is the exposure of how incompetent this Conservative Government has been in delivering what comes next.

Skill and compromise of Conservative party values are what it takes to deliver Brexit through Parliament, which is how it has to be done.

Labour are not to blame for this, they were not in power throughout this process.

Proroguing Parliament is just another episode of the Tories’ inability and unwillingness to do this properly. All the right questions were not asked before the referendum; otherwise we might by now have the sort of deal with the EU that Japan has, even though Japan is not a member.

I support Jeremy Corbyn’s idea of Labour negotiating a deal, and then the public vote between this deal and remain. But is it the right outcome? No it isn’t, and here’s why – once this sorry excuse for a referendum had taken place it wasn’t possible to have a correct outcome; only a wrong one.

Jeremy Whiting, Great Lumley.