I WRITE this letter as a remainer, but I would really like to know what the average man in the street thinks will happen in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

We know what will happen to hedge fund managers, or similar people. They will, as has been widely reported, already be several million pounds better off by betting against the falling value of the pound, and moving their investments abroad.

What of the mythical man in the street who maybe works in Nissan or for local government?

There has been much talk of a low tax regulation regime. Who will that benefit most, the Nissan worker or the hedge fund manager? How will it help to reduce food banks or the take up of the much-derided Universal Credit? Will such concepts as living wages be scrapped or be allowed to wither away, in the move to low regulation?

Many of the gains made by the average employee such as working day and week restrictions have been originated in the EU. Will there be more zero hours contracts? Perhaps less spent on health and safety matters? Locally perhaps more libraries and leisure centres to close in the interests of low taxation.

Eric Gendle, Middlesbrough