WE voted Brexit. I write in response to the letters from Mr Whiting (HAS, Sept 17) and Mr Bignardi (HAS, Sept 18).

Those that chose leave, did win the referendum by a substantial majority, more than three years ago. Indeed, in the North-East, almost two-thirds of the electorate voted to leave.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Parliamentarians, including ours, despite their election pledges, keep blocking our exit.

As for the criticism of Prime Ministers, the Rt Hon David Cameron was the first PM to offer us a choice since we joined the Common Market about 40 years ago, so surely he should be applauded. Theresa May’s deal would be worse than staying in, at a cost of £39bn.

Boris Johnson and others are doing their best to negotiate with the EU and prepare for a smooth exit, despite overwhelming opposition from Parliament.

However, I note when Mr Johnson was defeated in the Commons for the fifth time, his request for a general election was also rejected by Labour, Liberals and other parties. I wonder why?

Today, Great Britain trades, on World Trade Terms, with countries all over the world and has done so since long before the EU was thought of.

Every day, container and cargo vessels dock in our ports and offload the vast majority of our imports, from China, India, America, Australia, Asia and the rest of the world. They bring us cars, TVs, toys and food.

Then those same ships load up with our exports and sail back. After we leave the EU we will continue to trade with our European neighbours on terms that will benefit them and us.

After all, they sell us a lot more goods than we sell them.

Just one of the many leave benefits will be the £350m per week or £12bn per year EU membership fee we presently pay. Another will be our ability to set our own trade terms. Then we will also get back our vast rich fishing waters and also make our own laws.

The 2016 referendum was clear and final in the majority leave choice.

If MPs are in any doubt we could have a general election after we leave on October 31.

George Burnham, Consett