BREXIT has created bigotry and intolerance.

Are the 48 per cent who voted remain “traitors”?

Boris Johnson’s ignoring Parliament is the way Hitler ruled Germany – not British!

Much vital trade is with Europe.

In Sunderland, Nissan provides employment in a depressed area. With a no-deal exit, Nissan could leave for Belgium.

The EU is sponsoring pharmaceutical research at Newcastle university which could lead to a new pharmaceutical industry. With no-deal, this would be lost.

As a retired teacher, I do charity work in Romania. I bring groups of village kids to see my heritage of Scotland and Geordie-land. Am I therefore a rich jet-setter with no love for my heritage?

Inside the EU we can help to give the organisation the reform it needs. I dread the economic collapse and break-up of the UK that no-deal would bring.

Let’s have more realism, tolerance and common sense.

Tony Arthur, Durham