MY wife and I are staying with relatives in Pity Me and recently took a trip into Durham by bus, as we always do while here.

We were very shocked, and in truth a little intimidated, by the many beggars and drunken groups.

Starting from the bus station, we had to walk through two large groups of men and women, most were drinking from bottles of wine.

We crossed the road to be out of the way only to be jostled by two women, sorry I do not know their nationality, who pushed cards in our face saying: "God Bless You, I am starving."

There was more of this leading up to the market place, then a great deal more outside Tesco.

And then there were large groups in the market place, some laid on the steps, either drunk or drugged, I couldn’t say.

What on earth is happening?

We have always looked forward to our Durham visit as the city is, without doubt, stunning, but after we were jostled for money again, and avoided a fight in the bus station, we will not be returning.

Bob Ellis, Carlisle