THE government of Saudi Arabia is probably the most brutal in the world and it is propped up by the supply of US and UK weaponry.

These weapons have been used indiscriminately by the Saudi government against the people of Yemen who according to the highly respected Human Rights Watch have suffered Saudi bombing of homes, markets, hospitals, schools and mosques.

Moreover, the Office of UN High Commission for Human Rights estimates 20,000 Yemeni civilian casualties and 14 million people starving, or at risk of starvation. In short, the world’s worst humanitarian crisis is in Yemen and the perpetrator of this crisis is Saudi Arabia, aided and abetted by the UK and USA.

Sometimes in war there are what are described as legitimate targets and the Yemeni resistance attack on Saudi oil installations is possibly the most legitimate target that I can think of.

Nobody was hurt and yet at the same time the explosions have cut Saudi oil production by 50 per cent. Thus, the Saudis have reaped what they have sown.

Already the Trump administration has blamed the attack on Iran, and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the USA will go to war to safeguard the medieval, head chopping Saudi monarchy.

It is also more that feasible that Trump’s little poodle in Westminster, Boris Johnson will also offer military aid to the Saudis.

If such a scenario occurs then British people should get on the streets to oppose it.

John Gilmore, Bishop Auckland