WITH the recent publication of the Operation Yellowhammer report, I say Brexit, bring it on.

It talks about shortages of fresh fruit and vegetables and the associated price inflation. It is only going to be for a short period of time until things have settled down on leaving the EU, while new systems are put in place and supply chains are adjusted to cope with these.

I am sure we can survive the issues encountered as this country did during the Second World War.

The same applies for medicines etc.

It is simply a case of everyone being proactive and thinking in advance how to deal with these issues.

I somewhat get the impression it is a case that the supermarkets can’t be bothered to deal with these changes, hence the reason they are moaning about it.

This country did, after all, survive two world wars and we can all work together to overcome these difficulties as and when they arise.

Forget all the doom and gloom and let’s get on with Brexit for the benefit of the country.

Colin Telfer, Darlington