HAVING written previously on a similar theme I agree entirely regarding Steve Pratt’s letter about Darlington’s MP, Jenny Chapman, not supporting the vote leave majority of the Darlington voters (HAS, Sept 14).

However, spare a thought for the voters of Redcar and the anti-Brexit attitude of their MP Anna Turley.

Anna’s constituents voted 66.2 per cent (48,128) to 33.8 per cent (24,586) to leave the EU.

Commiserations also to the Sedgefield electorate as their MP Phil Wilson will not accept the vote of the referendum as 59.4 per cent of Phil’s electorate voted to leave. I have to assume the above three MPs think they know best.

I think all three should do the decent thing and hold by-elections just to confirm if their electorate have changed their mind.

A final word – well done to Hartlepool council who are now led by a pro-Brexit coalition.

The Brexit party may not have any seats in the UK Parliament, but they may shake up some already in residence there.

They are well represented in the EU assembly having received great support in the June European elections.

Mike Taylor, Darlington.