DIANE ELLIS (HAS, Sept 14) writes that all the current MPs should be sacked because they have not followed the will of the people.

Whether that is an extreme view is beside the point; as apart from having to establish who is and who isn’t guilty of this, in the circumstances I don’t believe that anyone outside of hard pro-remain parties are.

Steve Pratt (HAS, Sept 14) is asking why do most Labour MPs ignore the wishes of the people they represent? Again, this is wrong, this is not what these Labour MPs are doing.

We have had the misfortune to have had an inadequate Prime Minister who has negotiated Brexit deals with the EU, that are not fit for purpose.

It is right that Labour MPs are not nodding donkeys, and they will not vote in favour of a deal which is detrimental to the UK.

A letter to HAS a long time ago stated that MPs should have moved heaven and earth to get us out of the EU.

Bearing in mind that leave won the referendum, I entirely disagree with that.

It is a serious mistake to be prepared to take whatever the downside of leaving is on the chin. If you were driving hastily to the shop which was closing shortly, because you had run out of bread, would you refuse to give way to an emergency vehicle on its way to try to save someone’s life?

Boris Johnson, out of ignorance, is trying to force the UK to leave the EU with no other considerations, by shutting down Parliament.

Jo Swinson in ignorance to the fact that leave won the referendum, intends to cancel Brexit without a second referendum.

I agree that the need to hold a second referendum would be a defeat for our nation’s constitution; however, both Boris Johnson and Jo Swinson in looking for easy answers, are behaving undemocratically.

Supposing I was Prime Minister, and I was asked whether I intend to leave or remain; I would make it clear that I would not answer that question.

Taking all circumstances into account, I would seek the best outcome possible; which could be leave or remain in the EU.

It is important to keep all options open.

In any general election I am voting Labour.

Jeremy Whiting, Great Lumley