SO, it’s farewell to Amber Rudd, the sixth works and pensions secretary since the Universal Credit rollout of 2013.

Ms Rudd has quit the cabinet over the Brexit fiasco.

Her vacant job description must have read “no experience necessary” because the person who has just bagged that position – Therese Coffey – hasn’t got any.

As a former boss for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) she is probably the least qualified MP for one of the toughest jobs in Westminster.

What Therese Coffey lacks in experience caring for those on welfare, she certainly makes up for it bashing them, as her voting record suggests.

Yes, it’s business as usual: she voted for the bedroom tax (yet voted against the mansion tax). She was also against higher benefit rates for people unable to work due to illnesses or disability.

And to prove age is no shield from the Tory stick she recently wrote an article suggesting pensioners should be forced to pay National Insurance (little chance of the TV licence getting reinstated then).

To rub further salt into the wounds Ms Coffey has named her biggest political hero as someone many of us are trying so hard to forget. Margaret Thatcher!

Stephen Dixon, Redcar