IN reply to Barbara Bell’s letter Bishop Beauty (HAS, Sept 9) regarding the £1.5m Durham County Council wants to spend upgrading Bishop Auckland Town Hall, the council certainly was pleading poverty on Wednesday when I received a negative reply to my request for a garden seat along Peases Way, Crook, where the new fire station is.

There is a nice grass verge and the path is used a lot, especially by dog walkers.

Some of us oldies try to keep fit by walking but find it a little tiring at times walking from one end of Crook to the other.

If one has been ill or just wants to be out the house, there is nowhere to sit down and enjoy the fresh air.

I am afraid it was a little embarrassing when I had to sit down on the concrete path until I recovered enough to carry on.

Garden seats would be welcomed in other places around Crook, not just the market place.

I was told by the council there was no money for seats and what were there had been donated by individuals.

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