IN reply to Pete Winstanley’s letter headed “Deal torture” (HAS, Sept 11), how can you get a deal with an organisation that is nothing more than a set of EU bullies?

If they don’t want to play ball and give us a deal, we won’t get one.

So, does this mean that we say: “Oh we can’t get a deal so let’s go back cap in hand begging for some crumbs off their EU plate?”

I deny anyone to oppose a deal where it’s free trade for all.

Why not abolish the European Parliament and the billions it costs to keep this travelling circus on the road.

Some readers may think I’m ridiculing the whole Brexit procedure.

I don’t need to – they are doing a very good job themselves.

Make no mistake, the French still dislike us even after all these years of being members of this charade.

John Cumberland, Rushyford