THE article by Richard Swart, global sales director of Peterlee-based Berger Group (Echo, Sept 10) advises readers of the disadvantages, in true Remainer style, of leaving the EU.

He says that the North-East has been one of the top beneficiaries of funding from the EU.

The whole of the UK should be considering our yearly contribution is £13bn and the UK receives back £4bn.

I’m sure the UK would be quite able to distribute the £9bn, we don’t see ourselves, independently.

Richard then advises the EU partly exists to keep peace in Europe.

I say to him the UK is not disappearing off the face of the earth – we will still be friendly neighbours.

The UK will, as usual, be there to help out in a crisis for example if Germany was to invade Europe.

The UK has a trade deficit of approximately £64bn with the EU– would their businesses want to lose that?

What the EU 27 are really worried about is losing that £9bn which go to helping those countries in the EU as well as its administration.

Richard, you haven’t changed my mind. Am I wrong – well we shall have to leave the EU to find out, but your attitude doesn’t help us get a deal suitable to the UK.

Mike Taylor, Darlington