FURTHER to the comment page article from Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland MP Simon Clarke, headlined “Britain wants to have its say” (Echo, Sept 7).

Many will agree that the failure of MPs to deliver the referendum result from June 2016 will have to be decided again by the people.

Probably the best way of resolving this Brexit mess is via a general election.

Seeing Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Simon Clarke MP with a Deliver Brexit by October 31 sign will look to many as a remote possibility.

Mr Johnson has made a complete mess of delivering what was a manifesto commitment from the two major parties.

The opposition parties have been equally as appalling in their efforts to compromise.

After more than three years of dithering they decided to join forces in an attempt to delay Brexit even further to January 31, 2020. What is clear to many in the UK is our MPs on all sides have been an embarrassment on the world stage.

Hopefully the people, via an early general election, can put them back on track so we can regain respect which has been lost over the last three years.

George Dunning, Ormesby