I AM bewildered at the mainly Remainers’ outrage at Boris Johnson’s prorogue of Parliament in order to try and bring Brexit to a conclusion, one way or another.

What I believe they are outraged at, is it looks like there is now more than a glimmer of hope that there might be a proper Brexit rather than that deluded deal that Theresa May negotiated with a nod and a wink with Europe.

If the result of the referendum had been to remain, I would have accepted the result and I am sure that would have applied to 99 per cent of leave voters.

What happened after the result, Theresa May was elected leader by the Conservatives who were a majority of Remainers, and she paid lip service to Brexit means “Brexit” whilst having as her number two, Philip Hammond who now is showing his true colours by being one of the leaders of remain.

Another of these leaders is John Major, who signed the Maastricht agreement in the early 1990s which got us firmly entrenched in the undemocratic mess which is the present day Europe.

Parliament voted three years ago overwhelmingly to leave Europe with or without a deal by March of this year.

Why this vote? Because if they had voted otherwise there would have been outrage because the referendum was still fresh in people’s minds.

Since then there has been a subtle attempt to undermine the result aided by, of course the BBC and other anti-leave news agencies.

Why are Remainers so adamant on staying in Europe? Is it because they are that used to being ruled and lectured by Germany and France and they find it easier to have their laws made, and is it that the people in real power don’t want to miss out on the gravy train which is the EU? Remainers, accept the result.

Tom Ball, Barnard Castle