LAST week there were sad pictures in The Northern Echo of a row of lovely beach huts at North Bay, Scarborough which had been burgled and then set on fire by youths.

At the weekend, a lovely group called Cheesy Waffles who help people with learning difficulties had their lovely garden at Belmont Community Centre totally wrecked and lovely decorated pots smashed.

Cheesy Waffles is the chosen Charity of Durham City Mayor Katie Corrigan and they do a super job to help people with learning difficulties live in the community.

I make Charity Sledges and I made one for this very deserving Charity.

What is wrong with the youth of today that they want to cause as much mayhem as possible?

When I was 15 I left school to start work at Durham University and my Dad had just died aged 43.

I never gave a thought of going off the rails and I worked very hard at tech to get qualified. I never missed a day.

How will yobs who burgle, set fire and trash people’s hard work ever make it in life?

Do we still have borstals or are they all full like our prisons?

We need short sharp shocks or a set of stocks in Durham Market Place and rotten vegetable to throw at them.

I feel so sad for all the Gang at Cheesy Waffles who do such a great job helping people who struggle in life.

Malcolm Rolling, Carrville