IT was extremely sad to read your article (Echo, Aug 29) of Anthony and Dorothy Kelton about the death of their 30-year-old daughter, Anna. In the article there was a strong sense of love and very deep sadness.

It is in my opinion that they have carried out the most sensible action of remembrance to Anna, by planting a tree with a plaque next to it.

By seeing that tree grow year in and out and blossom they will have the memory of her, there forever, and shouldn’t be forgotten.

Five years ago in November 2014 our two grandchildren Sophie and Joseph Teasdale, with permission, planted an oak tree with plaque in Auckland Park, in remembrance of the men from Bishop Auckland, who fought and lost their lives in the First World War.

We check it regularly and it is growing beautifully. There are several other ways of having a memorial without releasing several hundreds of balloons into the atmosphere.

Do people ever give a thought to where they are going, into the seas, farms with cattle, meadows,forests with birds, rivers with there creatures, killing thousand of wildlife in a most cruel, brutal way.

Durham County Council should impose a ban on this action, as do some other county councils throughout England.

David Johnson, Bishop Auckland