I AM surprised that The Northern Echo allows their employee, Julia Breen, to use language such as xenophobia and ignorance against those who support leaving the EU (Echo, Aug 29) in her column headed “Not good enough reason”.

Julia is showing her softer side by wishing to retain freedom of movement for all EU citizens.

This is from the lady who has no respect for the protection of the unborn child.

Hopefully the EU will never read her latest anti-Brexit rant which of course is her opinion. Is it any wonder the UK government is having such a problem arriving at a deal that suits the UK from the EU.

What damage are more prominent people doing with an attitude like that. Julia’s column contains “might happen” and well as “could happen”, so therefore her fears might never happen. One has to say it’s “Project Fear” in action once again, which the EU must be loving.

Julia would go down well on Newsnight. How can it be undemocratic for the government to carry out the democratic majority vote of the electorate?

Strike action may now be undertaken by Remainers who lost the vote but who are not prepared to accept defeat. If leave had lost the vote everything would have settled down by now, but

Remainers will always be thought of as people who wouldn’t accept democracy.

We must give the PM our support in his efforts to get a good deal as October 31 gets closer. Then again pigs might fly.

Mike Taylor, Darlington.