THE headline on your front page "Power To Our Parliament" is wrong, totally wrong (Echo, Aug 29). We voted to leave and leave won democratically, hands down.

The new leader Boris Johnson has decided to legally suspend Parliament as Jeremy Corbyn or any other Prime Minister in his position would do.

The years of fighting and stalling taking the decision to leave are what have put us in this position of limbo.

Obviously one of the main reasons for Corbyn's outrage is his immense dislike of the royal family and what it stands for and the fact that we have someone at the helm of the country who is totally for our country and will get the best result out of Brussels possible – something that seemed impossible under Theresa May.

I think other EU countries could well follow suit and think 'why should we pay into something that is nothing more than a protection racket?'.

Free trade for all is the answer. No boundaries, no exception.

So stop sulking, Corbyn. We need to rally round bold Boris and get this deal done,

John Cumberland, Rushyford