YOUR comment headlined "Real worries of a no-deal" (Echo, Aug 28), states: "But all the opposition parties are now remainers...".

You finish by saying Mr Johnson must ensure his tough talk and posturing does not prevent him reaching a compromise deal with the EU.

If the EU is following the actions of our opposition parties, why would it think of offering our PM any kind of deal?

In attempting to carry out the democratic vote of 2016, the PM is not receiving the necessary support to put pressure on the EU.

Members of Parliament wish to thwart Brexit as many think the vote went the wrong way.

Now opposition leaders are accusing Mr Johnson of being undemocratic.

Have they not taken a look in the mirror recently?

There is to be another anti-Brexit rally – the BBC will cover it well, but no matter how many attend they will not exceed the 17.4m who voted to leave.

Mike Taylor, Darlington