MY father has been unemployed a while now. He recently applied online for a temporary non-skilled job at a warehouse within the Tees Valley.

An hour later he received a phone call from an agency telling him he’s secured the job.

No interview, no references, just straight in. This did sound rather suspicious.

He was told to start immediately on the first night shift. When he turned up at 10.30pm there were 35 other men also waiting.

They were instructed by the foreman what the job entailed, just sticking labels on boxes and the shift lasted until from 11pm-7am for the whole week.

The foreman also mentioned the shifts were work trials only, that there would be no pay, and if anyone excelled they could be taken on in the future.

I do not know how many of the 35 men actually stayed for the unpaid shift, but my father came straight home.

Practices like unpaid work trials should be outlawed.

Stephanie Finnegan, Eston