IN reply to Brian Fiske’s letter “Second vote” (HAS, Aug 27) he advises that only 64 per cent of the population voted in the 2016 referendum.

My source puts the figure at 72.16 per cent. However, Brian, the UK is a democracy and you cannot force the electorate to vote.

The writer advises he didn’t vote so is now one of those 27.84 per cent of people who cannot really complain or go against democracy.

Brian is also wrong in saying the majority was small. I know we now talk in billions but a majority of almost 1.4 million is not small. It is of course to a Remainer.

Brian further states he was tempted by the £350m promised to the NHS – well the UK hasn’t left yet and even if only £100m of that was given it would equate to an annual amount of £5.2bn on top of what has been pledged in extra new money over the next number of years.

I would also reiterate the ‘red’ bus never said that all of the £350m saving would be given to the NHS.

Mike Taylor, Darlington