BORIS JOHNSON seems determined to push through a no-deal Brexit by October 31.

The people of this country need to be clear why this is so.

It is so that the incredibly wealthy backers of Brexit can go about their tax avoidance without interference.

This will cost our public services many millions of pounds.

Brexiters want a no-deal Brexit, so that they can reduce the power of workers and the protections for consumers.

They can also reduce the tax bills of bankers, the richest and big corporations.

Mr Johnson is being friendly to Mr Trump because a no-deal Brexit is what Mr Trump wants.

Far from giving us back our sovereignty, it will put us at the mercy of Mr Trump and the big US corporations.

They desperately want to buy up wide swathes of our NHS, destroy our steel industry and water down our food standards and animal welfare protections.

Is this really what we want as a nation?

Peter Sagar, Newcastle