WE now know the world is warming more quickly than formerly predicted.

Most western governments pay lip service to limiting global warming.

I support renewable energy, electric cars, carbon capture, and even changing my diet to save the planet; but deep down I’m convinced that we’re not doing enough.

And, much less, if anything, is being accomplished in developing countries where there are few environmental checks on economic production.

Climate change is an existential threat to humanity, yet governments are, at most, just tinkering with the problem.

In poor, overpopulated countries, governments just want to increase output with little heed to the environment. In rich, democratic nations, we are told we can stem climate change, whilst growing our economies and enjoying rising living standards.

Climate change is a world-wide problem requiring a global solution.

It can only be solved by unpopular, draconian action such as population control and, in the west at least, lower standards of living. Is humanity up to the challenge?

Steve Kay, Redcar and Cleveland councillor