WHILST I appreciate the good work carried out by the many farmers in our area, especially at this time of the year in gathering hay etc, I do wish as they drive along our already busy roads that they would look in their mirror and see the traffic they are holding up behind them.

I went to Northallerton on Saturday and was 17th in the queue with a slow moving, unloaded tractor with a large caravan behind it as we slowly went for, at least three miles, with another queue of cars behind me.

There were at least three places the driver could have stopped and let the caravan and cars pass him but he kept going until he turned left at last.

This is a road that needs careful drivers and there was no opportunity to pass at all and so he just kept crawling along.

Farmers, I know how busy you are but please show a bit more respect to your fellow motorists and pull over just for a few moments. Thank you.

Derek Whiting, Stokesley