THE Americans have made absolutely clear that the NHS is on their wish list when we crash out of Europe.

I know many Conservative voters who would be horrified if Boris Johnson and his Cabinet hand over the ownership of our precious service to the profiteers of private health insurance and giant drug manufacturers.

Many are living in denial this will happen, but all the evidence is there to say it most definitely will.

Donald Trump and Mr Johnson have both said it’s on the table in any trade deal and the visit of both Mr Trump and his side kick John Bolton is proof that it is number one in any deal we do.

Some Brexiteers are so desperate for a no-deal exit that they will throw our NHS under the bus to get it.

This was never voted on in the referendum or even flagged up as an outcome – and that is why we must have a general election on the issue alone.

Do we want to hand over our NHS to the USA? This has to be the number one issue.

Mr Trump and Mr Johnson cannot be trusted with our NHS.

Mick Hills, Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees