FURTHER to my letter about speeding in High Pittington (HAS, Jul 19), now that the cat is out of the bag, I doubt if there will be much comment from the police on Durham’s performance in the Home Office survey about the issuing of speeding tickets.

The survey shows that 2.2 million speeding tickets were issued and that included 7,758 by Durham. This represents an average daily issue of 20 tickets for the whole of the Durham force area.

Not much worry for speedsters there then!

The Durham result indicates the inadequacy of Durham’s enforcement. If it were otherwise, the police would be eager to tell us – yet it has taken a Freedom of Information request to wring the result out of them.

Furthermore, it is evident that periodic ‘blitz’ campaigns are necessary just to try and keep a lid on the problem.

As the Durham force result only relates to the year ended March 2017, I wonder if our new chief constable would be prepared to restore some semblance of good public relations and transparency by unveiling the Durham force speeding ticket numbers for the years ended March 2018 and March 2019 which I believe will already be available on the force's Pen Tip system.

Over to you, chief constable.

E McKeown, High Pittington