READING the story headlined “Pensioners will struggle with TV licence system” (Echo, Jul 26), the BBC’s director of policy, Clare Sumner stated home visits would be done recruiting a specific group of people called enquiry officers who kind of enforce the licence fee.

Is this passed by our 650 MPs or is it the BBC’s decision?

I’m not on Pension Credit, I’m 85-years-old. A man told me he got his first pension payment of £167 a week, I told him I have been a pensioner for 20 years and asked what he thought mine would be, he said at least £250.

Well, mine is £152 a week, and because I have worked all my life and have a small pit pension and save for my old age, out of this I have to pay full council tax, dentist fees, opticians for glasses, pay income tax, no £25 a week in cold weather payment and I get 25p a week in my pension for being over 80 years old.

I won’t be wasting time to talk to enquiry officers to enforce TV licence.

I owe no-one a penny and if I stick by the law I would like the BBC to pay me for my three TVs.

More than three million pensioners are in the same situation as me. Well it’s up to you, and remember your vote also counts, come election day.

Mick O’Connor, Wheatley Hill