NEW Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed that the UK will leave the EU on October 31, with or without a deal.

Many people are fed up with the never-ending saga that is Brexit; however, that is a dangerous thing to do. If our justice system attempts to bring closure to a difficult court case early because everyone is fed up, then the wrong man could be sent to prison.

The government are making plans to manage a no-deal Brexit. However, it is a Conservative government who are doing this; so I wonder who will be better off and who will be worse off under these plans?

Sovereignty will mean nothing to me if I have to give up my job in order to queue for food, because that has become the way to obtain it.

People in Venezuela are choosing to move to Colombia rather than queue for food albeit under different circumstances, and under those conditions I would seek a better life in another country as well. Boris Johnson will not unite the country with his plans.

New Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has vowed that her party will do everything it can to oppose Brexit.

I voted Remain in the 2016 referendum, however I have a problem with her approach.

The outcome of the referendum was to Leave, and she cannot ignore that.

If the UK does leave the UK with whatever deal or no deal, then what are the Liberal Democrats going to do?

On the other hand, if the UK does remain in the UK, then we know that there will be a lot of people who will feel cheated including friends of mine who voted Leave. This could get nasty.

Jo Swinson will not unite the country with her plans.

On Sophy Ridge on Sunday, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn was asked whether his party wanted to leave or remain in the EU.

He answered exactly as I would have done; he gave a list of what he wants for our economy, whether in or out of the EU.

I entirely agree that our economy is more important than whether leaving or remaining in the EU.

Therefore, to me, whether we should leave or remain in Europe is a question which should not be answered ahead of what the needs are in our economy.

Do some people remember why they want to Leave or Remain?

I hope that Jeremy Corbyn can unite the country; however, my gut feeling is it is too late for anyone to do this.

Due to Brexit unfortunately taking over our society and our operational continuity, the best course of action could be to end the existence of the UK and create smaller nations.

Jeremy Whiting, Great Lumley