HAVING completed a wonderful six-mile circular walk in the Reeth area I was inspired to relate to your readers two incidents which continue to keep my spirits up even though the UK hasn’t left the EU yet.

Checking through our medical items my wife opened a box purchased at Morrisons on North Road in Darlington recently only to discover there were no tablets inside.

I immediately visited the store explaining the situation and the customer care representative gave me a replacement box as apparently contents of medical boxes have been shoplifted before. No questions asked.

I believe the individual is still on the run – they were that sort of tablets.

The other incident happened in town on July 12 when I was speedily making my way from where I bank on the High Row to Hinds jewellers on Queen Street.

I was being served when a gentleman interrupted advising me a sum of money had fallen from my pocket on the High Row.

He then returned the money to me. It was no small sum – an amount which would allow me to watch four football matches at Blackwell Meadows and buy four match programmes. Good service and honesty still exists.

I hope my wife doesn’t read this as she won’t let me out with the bank book again.

Mike Taylor, Darlington