SO, now we have Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister.

A serial liar, including of course the infamous lie about £350m extra for the NHS if we had Brexit and a man willing to pander to deplorable racists, with no serious policies or principles other than the promotion of his own career.

A man who has an inappropriate upper class sense of entitlement, yet no demonstrable skills at anything remotely useful.

A man so unpatriotic, that he refused to defend our own ambassador from the attacks by Trump, just because our ambassador had given an honest appraisal of the Trump White House.

And of course, this is the same Mr Johnson who called for reforms to the NHS shortly after his master Trump called for the NHS to be included in an post-Brexit trade deal, so that large chunks of it can be sold off to American corporations.

Mr Johnson has also advocated employers taking responsibility for the healthcare of their employees, as in the USA. The alarm bells should be ringing.

The gutter has truly come to power in our country. Was there ever a more shameful or infamous day for Britain?

Peter Sagar, Newcastle