I AM not really a big fan of public art and I find it quite sad that artist Steve Messam deems it necessary to string saffron coloured car dusters across a stunning gorge in Teesdale. Five kilometres of it actually (Echo, Jul 19).

Many years ago, a Bulgarian artist called Cristo became quite famous for doing similar things like putting up a huge steel hawser across a valley and opening a pair of plastic curtains or covering a landmark in polythene.

It left me cold and I am sure the concrete stanchions are still up there in the hills.

I am not very keen on the Angel of the North and the monstrosity called the Apollo Pavilion by Victor Passmore at Peterlee which is now being illuminated.

A year or so ago there was a Rainbow Bridge put across one of the streams up near Rookhope, spoiling a totally wild place instantly for me.

I may not like lots of public art, but the work of Ray Lonsdale, who has turned welding into an art form, is absolutely superb.

I am sure Tommy at Seaham must have about two miles of welding in it. Steve Messam received grants from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Arts Council. Sad that they have nothing better to spend our money on.

I am spoiled for good art as my wife was an art teacher and quite talented.

Malcolm Rolling, Carrville.