YOUR editorial described the vote by North-West Durham Constituency Labour Party to expel former MP, Baroness Hilary Armstrong as “Labour’s day of disgrace”. Moreover, the same editorial described her as “a respected MP” (Echo, Jul 22).

From being disgraceful, I found it rather funny and ironic that right wing Blairite MPs should cry foul when they have been at the forefront of trying to expel the excellent left wing MP for Derby Chris Williamson, having previously succeeded in orchestrating a witch hunt to get rid of former mayor of London, Ken Livingstone.

Strange how these people who have been putting the boot into the left since Jeremy Corbyn’s democratic election as leader in 2015 don’t like it when the ordinary members decide to kick back.

As for being “a respected MP’”I can think of few former Labour MPs whom I respect less. She was Labour Chief Whip from 2001-2007 and allegedly used strong arm tactics to lean on Labour MPs to vote for military intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The war in Iraq in particular, was based on a tissue of lies and led to the deaths of over a million Iraqis, deaths and injuries to more than 1,000 British soldiers, as well as the destruction of the world’s oldest civilisation.

Moreover, she tried to force through Parliament, so called prevention of terrorism legislation in 2005, which had it succeeded would have introduced, “police state” internment without trial, thus eliminating hard won liberties enjoyed in this country for over 200 years.

Finally, I have no respect at all for any Labour MP who takes up a peerage in the undemocratic, House of Lords.

John Gilmore, Bishop Auckland