I AM incensed and saddened by the treatment of Hilary Armstrong, the former MP for North West Durham, now sitting in the House of Lords as Baroness Armstrong by the North West Durham Labour Party (Echo, Jul 22).

It is no secret that I am a Jeremy Corbyn supporter, an honorary member of the Labour Party and a member of Momentum.

I understand that an emergency motion put to a recent members’ meeting of the CLP to expel Hilary was carried with a substantial majority because she had signed the advertisement in The Guardian newspaper, that was mainly about a conspiracy by Progress within the party but was conveniently interpreted as “ an anti-Corbyn plot”.

Experienced long standing members will know that the CLP does not have the power to expel a member nor is it the correct way to carry out internal party discipline.

Consequently, a vote will have no effect on anything apart from making the NWDCLP a laughing stock throughout the Labour movement. I myself personally agree with Hilary, that on this rare occasion, Jeremy Corbyn has not shown good leadership qualities on the issue of anti-Semitism. I will continue to support Jeremy and remain a member of Momentum.

With a general election clearly on the horizon, the Labour Party needs to put on a united front and not be seen by Joe Public as bickering among ourselves.

Brian Myers, Crook