NEVER in the history of TV has a man been crucified in the way Jeremy Corbyn has.

How many soldiers, both British and Argentine, were buried in the Falklands under Thatcher’s regime and how many British soldiers came home in coffins from Iraq and Afghanistan under Blair’s regime?

And yet both are classed by their parties as great leaders.

One leader since the Second World War stands head and shoulders above both of them and that is Harold Wilson, who defied the US and refused to send British troops to Vietnam.

In my opinion, Labour now has a great leader who can take all the flail that is thrown at him and still terrify the three stooges – BoJo, Hunt and Farage.

The country is in the worst situation since the Second World War and at the minute, top priority is to get rid of Jeremy.

If you went to Durham Miner’s Gala last Saturday, you would have seen what genuine Labour people think of him.

Terry Tucker, St Helen Auckland