MANY of those left working in the British Steel sites will have been pleased to read that hopes were rising for their company's future (Echo, Jul 16), as several hundred jobs, mainly split below the Lackenby Beam Mill and Skinningrove Special Profiles in east Cleveland, are under threat.

The longer it takes for a buyer to step up to the plate the more apprehensive people become.

One fears that potential buyers are concentrating more on the profitable plants, like the Skinningrove and Beam Mill sites.

Hence we should be pushing hard to keep all of the British Steel sites producing, which includes the several thousand steelmaking jobs at Scunthorpe.

We recall back in September 2015 when the Thai company SSI pulled the plug on our Teesside steelmaking jobs and the devastation that caused, Scunthorpe should not have to suffer the same awful economic fallout.

George Dunning, (former Teesside steelworker & steel union secretary), Ormesby