UNLIKE Keith Howdle (HAS, Jul 15), I chose not to watch Channel 5's programme about cyclists.

These sensationalistic programmes always follow the same route. Pick a few bad examples and tar everyone with the same brush.

With a title Cyclists: The Scourge of our Streets?, the conclusion was always going to be drivers good, cyclists bad.

Remember the programmes that portrayed the good people of Hartlepool as benefits scroungers, one and all?

As a motorist and cyclist, I can assure Mr Howdle that I do not run red lights, hog the road or commit any other road traffic violations.

I have a bell, use lights at night, wear appropriately coloured clothing and am always respectful of other road users.

I tax two vehicles, so contribute a fair amount to road maintenance, even though I'm not using the vehicles while cycling.

Mr Howdle claims to have no issues with responsible cyclists, but then goes on to say they should be taken off the road. Hmm, a little biased maybe.

Perhaps Channel 5 should take their cameras on a journey along the M1 motorway and see how many irresponsible drivers are using the middle lane as their chosen path, or perhaps check how many drivers are using mobile phones.

They could call it Motorists: The Scourge of the Motorway.

Reg Marshall, Durham